Dear Partners!

In 1980 the chemical plant in Baja, the subsidiary plant of Bácska Mgtsz in Vaskút launched the manufacturing of FitoHorm products which contain the nutrients in an instantly absorbable, chelated form and ensure the harmonic nutrition supply of plants in an environmentally friendly way.

Formerly, the research and development process progressed in parallel with the production which was conducted by chemists and agricultural experts. A Hungarian invention was the result of this process which was even under patent protection.

However, in order to be able to utilise the products based on the innovative chelate developer, their efficiency had to be proven in biological and chemical experiments and tests for long years. The product was under strict examinations in plant protection and agrochemical county stations, then the Department of Plant Protection and Agricultural Chemistry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food issued the marketing authorisation. As a result, based on practical experience we found the most appropriate product compositions for the nutrient needs of different plants and the utilisation quantities for a territorial unit.

Our principle is that we adapt the utilisation of micro elements according to the result of the plant or soil analysis. 20 types of chelated products with one active substance are available for the modern and harmonic nutrition supply. If analytical results of plants are not available – then we recommend plant specific products with multiple active substances for the prevention and remedy of deficiencies.

After several decades our work is still characterised by continuous research and development – as a result our products continue to meet the high expectations of farmers and agricultural producers. We continuously extend our product range, our products are of excellent quality made in Hungary. We complied with the nutrient management requirements of the EU, thus after the EU accession we solely produce and distribute EK fertilisers and foliar fertilisers. Currently our customers can select from more than 40 types of products. Throughout the professional utilisation of FitoHorm production volume can be boosted and the composition quality indicators of the plant develop positively. Furthermore, due to its effect mechanisms it increases the protective efficacy of plants against fungal infections and environmental stress.

According to the increased demand in 1990 FitoHorm was established and its goal was to provide professional expertise for the products and manage the distribution of the products. The colleagues working in FitoHorm are agricultural engineers, horticulture engineer, plant scientists who provide valuable help to the farmers regarding nutrient management and the professional use of FitoHorm products. An efficient and organised logistic service ensures that our foliar fertilisers are delivered to the farmers in time through the distributors and integrators.

In 2002 Fitohorm Kft. took over the complete activity of the chemical plant from Bácska Agráripari Rt. Since then the family owned company conducts the manufacturing processes as well besides the consulting and commercial activities.

As a result of persistent and successful work we had an opportunity to make developments. We modernised our chemical plant, we built a new warehouse and procured new equipment with the help of EU grants, thus we can ensure the satisfaction of farmer’s high level needs. We managed to develop a new branch in which we operate a complete car repair service. In this modern branch we provide vehicle repair, chassis repair, chassis polishing, technical audit for passenger car and truck / heavy capacity vehicle owners.

At the same time the number of employees increased from 7 to 50 – thus fulfilling employment expectations.

Every inquirer can access detailed and up-to-date information on our renewed website In case if it is required, we can provide quick online advice through our website.

Last, but not least I would like to thank those who continuously apply FitoHorm products in their technology. Those who have not used these products yet – I encourage them to try these products, since their usage contributes to reaching better quality and greater yield volume.

I would like to wish everyone good health and of course great business results provided by Fitohorm products!


Márton Szabó

managing director