Ujdonsag_POLYBOR_PLUSZ_BOROLDAT_MIKROELEMEKKEL_42Due to our new development it does not only ensure decent boron absorption, but quick integration as well. Crucifers (e.g. rape) are extremely sensitive to molybdenum deficiency, their development is insufficient and in a more severe case their leaves are distorted and in case of damage they regenerate with great difficulty.

The impact of Polyboron Plus on blooming is complex, the differentiation of flower organs is stimulated if applied in the flower organ development period, and furthermore a well-developed flower structure is generated. In case of applying it prior to blooming it influences the generation of pollen very positively, improves fertility and keeps the pistil wet for a long time also in unfavourable conditions. It facilitates the adherence of pollens and provides energy for the shooting of pollen tubes, thus it ensures perfect binding. Copper and manganese significantly influence the development of generative organs through enzymatic processes. The copper content in Polyboron Plus supports optimal water balance at the time of application. With the manganese content we can hinder and block the degradation of chlorophyll, thus the necessary energy for fertilization can be ensured.

Its application is recommended jointly with plant protection substances, dosage 3 litre/ha.
It is important that boron is utilised mainly through the leaves by the plants in organic bonding. Its absorption is the most intensive at the beginning of vegetation.

Storage:  Its quality can be preserved for an indefinite time in its original, sealed packaging, separately stored from food, drink and feeds in a dry, protected, cool – it is frost tolerant down to -10 Celsius – place.

The basic rules of spraying shall be followed as well in case of foliar fertilizing.
Polyboron Plus can be applied in combination with other pesticides, but prior to mixing the agents it is recommended to examine whether the agents can be mixed.
With careful use, the leakage and dripping of the agent and contact with eyes and skin should be avoided. Do not swallow the product!
In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Do not dispose the product and its packaging into rivers, lakes and water reservoirs!

Mn 0.13%
Cu 0.13%
B 12.5%
Mo 0.026%
Dózis 2-3 l/ha


Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)