FITOHORM_14_N_NITROGEN_LOMBTRAGYA_2_1The supply of appropriate quantity of nitrogen is indispensable for the development of cultivated plants. In case of nitrogen deficiency the leaves become pale, yellow and small. Ferric chlorosis starts from the leaf tips, the shoots become rigid. Photosynthesis is hindered, growth is slowed down, internodes shorten, and the development of the plant parts is protracted, early fruit drop takes place.

The frost tolerance of the plants decrease. Since root development inhibited, thus nutrient intake is hindered as well.
EC Fertilizer  
Chelating agent :EDDHSA


Nitrogen is one of the most important yield quantity regulator nutrient. Of course the most efficient method of its supply can be implemented through the soil, however a higher degree nitrogen deficiency may occur throughout the vegetation (weather extremities) that can be remedied the most intensively and in the simplest way with foliar fertilizing. FitoHorm 14 N product with mono elements provides an excellent solution for the above mentioned problem.
– for foliar fertilizing: 5-10 l / ha / occasion, in a 1-2 % concentration in home gardens (1-2 dl/10 l water)
– for fertigation: in 0,1-0,5 % concentration (1-5 l / 1000 l water)The treatments can be repeated 2-6 times during the growing period according to the degree of nutrient deficiency.

Storage:  Its quality can be preserved for an indefinite time in its original, sealed packaging, separately stored from food, drink and feeds in a dry, protected, cool – but frost free – place.
The basic rules of spraying shall be followed as well in case of foliar fertilizing.
It can be applied in combination with other pesticides, but prior to mixing the agents it is recommended to examine whether the agents can be mixed.
With careful use, the leakage and dripping of the agent and contact with eyes and skin should be avoided. Do not swallow the product!
In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Do not dispose the product and its packaging into rivers, lakes and water reservoirs!

N 27%
Dózis értéke 5-10 l/ha

Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)