The usage of this product prior to the ripening of the fruit facilitates the perfect colouring, and positively influences the shelf life of the product.

Calcium is one of the most important nutrient that determines fruit quality. Its well-known and general effect is the delay of the ripening processes of the fruits. The respiration intensity of fruits with favourable calcium supply is lower, generally have harder pulp composition, therefore they can be better stored and are less prone to diseases of physiological sources.

The intake, and internal circulation and incorporation of calcium is quite special, as a result calcium supplies cannot reach the fruit easily during the growing period. The risk of low calcium content cannot be merely explained by the low calcium intake capacity of the soil. It is essential to continuously supply calcium through the foliage.

Chelating agent: EDDHSA

Apple, pear: 5-7 l/ha
Stonefruits: 5 l/ha
Pepper: 3-5 l/ha
Onion: 3-5 l/ha
The treatments can be repeated 2-6 times during the growing period according to the degree of nutrient deficiency.In case of apple the treatment should be conducted 2-4 times between the formation and ripening of the fruit for the sake of proper storage.

Storage:  Its quality can be preserved for an indefinite time in its original, sealed packaging, separately stored from food, drink and feeds in a dry, protected, cool – but frost free – place.

The basic rules of spraying shall be followed as well in case of foliar fertilizing.
It can be applied in combination with other pesticides, but prior to mixing the agents it is recommended to examine whether the agents can be mixed.
With careful use, the leakage and dripping of the agent and contact with eyes and skin should be avoided. Do not swallow the product!
In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Do not dispose the product and its packaging into rivers, lakes and water reservoirs!

CaO 17%
Dózis értéke 5-7 l/ha

Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)