FITOHORM_KUKORICA_LOMBTRAGYA_7_1The usage of fertilisers containing chelated zinc are recommended for the zinc supply of maize. Zink stimulates rooting / extension and it is indispensable for cob differentiation.

Fitohorm Corn is a fertiliser solution developed for the high dosage zinc supply of maize. Its nitrogen content can be absorbed instantly by the plant and it is in a utilisable form, thus facilitates nutrient absorption and the circulation, utilisation of other nutrients. Since zinc improves the utilisation of nitrogen, thus the composition of the product gains more emphasis.

The lack of zinc fundamentally changes the metabolism processes of the plants. It has a significant role in developing chlorophyll and in its cohesion. High level of pH value of the soil, high lime content and high phosphor content may separately or collectively cause relative deficiency. This product may be used separately or with other plant protection substances.

Chelating agent: : EDDHSA

EC Fertilizer

Corn: 4-5 l/ha
Sweet corn: 4-5 l/ha

Storage: May be stored for an unlimited period in its original, sealed packaging, in a cool (but frost-free), protected, dry place. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.

Attention! Please observe the basic rules of spraying when applying the product as foliar fertilizer

FitoHorm Corn may be applied jointly with plant protection products, but we recommend checking compatibility before mixing with other products. Take care to prevent the product from spilling or dripping. Avoid contact with skin and eyes (undiluted product) or accidental swallowing.

After contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not dispose of the product or its packaging into rivers, lakes or water reservoirs.

N 20%
SO3 5.5%
Zn 2%
Dózis 4-5 l/ha


Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)