FITOHORM_SZOJA_LOMBTRAGYA_45It is explicitly recommended for plants that demand molybdenum and micro elements. FitoHorm Soy contains indispensable elements for the symbiosis between pulse crops and root nodule bacteria. Its application stimulates the efficiency of seeding.

The insufficient N-fixation of root nodule bacteria on pulse crops and N-deficiencies resulting from it derive from molybdenum deficiency. Molybdenum deficiency might be responsible for weaker growth, early flower fall and as a result for decreased seed yield. The leaves become light green which is typical sign of nitrogen deficiency.

In case of brassicas molybdenum deficiency results in leaf and flower distortion.

EC fertilizer
Chelating agent: EDDHSA

Effect of product usage:

-in case of pulse crops symbiosis with root nodule bacteria is created and improved
– reduces the flower fall of pulse crops, therefore it improves the yields/ha
– in case of brassicas the incidence of leaf distortions is reduced and protein metabolism is augmented.
-in case of cauliflower the distortion, loosening and brown colouring of curd can be prevented.
– The yellow colouring of the curd can be delayed by proper molybdenum supply.

Recommendations for usage:

In case of pulse crops apply 3 litres / ha 1-2 times at the time of infection with root nodule bacteria. In case of other molybdenum demanding plants 5 litres/ha e.g.: In case of cauliflower at the time of curd development the early yellow colouring of the curd can be prevented if applied 2 times with 10-14 days difference.

Storage: May be stored for an unlimited period in its original, sealed packaging, in a cool (but frost-free), protected, dry place. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.
Attention! Please observe the basic rules of spraying when applying the product as foliar fertilizer

FitoHorm Soy may be applied jointly with plant protection products, but we recommend checking compatibility before mixing with other products. Take care to prevent the product from spilling or dripping. Avoid contact with skin and eyes (undiluted product) or accidental swallowing. After contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Do not dispose of the product or its packaging into rivers, lakes or water reservoirs.

Fe 0.3%
Mn 0.5%
Cu 0.5%
Zn 1.5%
B 0.5%
Mo 0.3%
Dózis értéke 3 l/ha


Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)