With the utilisation of potassium the ripening process and development of colours can be improved. FitoHorm Potassium liquid fertiliser solution provides a perfect solution which is utilised quickly and efficiently through the leaves.

Potassium regulates protein synthesis, the functioning of carbohydrates and enzymes, furthermore it has an important role in respiration and regulating water balance. It enhances the quality, colouring and sugar content of the crop, improves the resistance of the plants against diseases, cold and drought. It is an element that easily mobilises, its deficiency usually appears on the lower leaves. Its most general deficiency symptom is the dysfunction in the turgor regulation of the plant. The development of the plant is inhibited (plant with rosette) and it grows wilted leaves. Necrosis spreading inward from the edge of the leaf and light brown colouring on the edges of the leaf are common.

Chelating agent: EDDHSA

– as foliar fertilizer: 4-6 l/ha/treatment, in home gardens: 1-2 % concentration (100-200 ml/10 l water)
– as a medium: max. 0.5-1.0 % concentration (5 – 10 l /1000 l water).-  Repeat treatment 2 to 6 times in the growing season depending on the severity of nutrient deficiency.

Storage: May be stored for an unlimited period in its original, sealed packaging, in a cool (but frost-free), protected, dry place. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.

Please observe the basic rules of spraying when applying the product as foliar fertilizer.
May be applied jointly with plant protection products, but we recommend checking compatibility before mixing with other products.
Take care to prevent the product from spilling or dripping. Avoid contact with skin and eyes (undiluted product) or accidental swallowing.
After contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Do not dispose of the product or its packaging into rivers, lakes or water reservoirs.

N 4%
K2O 36%
SO3 57%
Dózis 1 %-os töménység
Lombkezelés 100 ml/10 l víz
Beöntözés 20 ml/10 l víz


 Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)