Primarily strengthens the healthy growth of vegetables. With the usage of absorbing effect plant protection substances it facilitates their absorption and circulation in the plant.

The conditioning of vegetables through leaves and balanced development can be ensured with the application of FitoHorm Vegetable. After its application it strengthens the photosynthesis of the plant and the circulation of integrated substances, and as a result the root is strengthened as well. The macro elements contained in this product facilitate the absorption of nitrogen, phosphor and potassium nutrient elements from the soil. The micro elements in this product contribute to the integration of great amount of nutrient elements. Thus the treated plants develop rapidly and healthily.

EC fertilizer
Chelating agent:  EDDHSA

Home gardening:
– as foliar fertilizer: 3-5 l/ha/treatment
Open field:
– as foliar fertilizer: 1-2 % concentration (0.05 litre/100 m2), 2-5 treatments jointly with current sprayings,
for soil treatment: 0.1 litre/100 m2, applied to the soil before sowing or planting seedlings

Storage: May be stored for an unlimited period in its original, sealed packaging, in a cool (but frost-free), protected, dry place. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.

Please observe the basic rules of spraying when applying the product as foliar fertilizer
FitoHorm Soy may be applied jointly with plant protection products, but we recommend checking compatibility before mixing with other products. Take care to prevent the product from spilling or dripping. Avoid contact with skin and eyes (undiluted product) or accidental swallowing.

After contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not dispose of the product or its packaging into rivers, lakes or water reservoirs.

N 15%
MgO 5%
SO3 13.5%
Mn 0.2%
B 0.2%
Mo 0.004%
Dózis 4-5 l/ha


Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)