With the usage of the complex product of MAKROSOL the nutrient supply, condition improvement and quality of field crops and garden cultures are ensured meanwhile taking into consideration economical aspects.

Recently more emphasis is put on the steady micro element supply of plants besides supplementing macro nutrient elements. Nitrogen, as the fundamental building stone of plant proteins, is the basic influencing factor of quantity and quality parameters. Phosphor is the indispensable element of plant cells. Potassium, as the activator of numerous enzymes, enhances the stability of the yield, tolerance against frost and resistance against diseases. The role of iron, copper, zinc, boron, manganese and molybdenum is comprehensive, these elements are all indispensable for the unimpeded operation of the plant’s physiological processes.

EC fertilizer
Chelating agent: EDDHSA


Field crop:
Foliar treatment: 3 l/ha/time
Home gardening:
for foliar treatment: in 1-2 % concentrate (0, 05 litre / 100 m2), 2-5 times simultaneously with the current sprays
for soil treatment: use it prior to sowing or planting in the soil in a quantity of 0, 1 litre / 100 m2

Storage:  Its quality can be preserved for an indefinite time in its original, sealed packaging, separately stored from food, drink and feeds in a dry, protected, cool – but frost free – place.
The basic rules of spraying shall be followed as well in case of foliar fertilizing.
It can be applied in combination with other pesticides, but prior to mixing the agents it is recommended to examine whether the agents can be mixed.
With careful use, the leakage and dripping of the agent and contact with eyes and skin should be avoided. Do not swallow the product!
In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Do not dispose the product and its packaging into rivers, lakes and water reservoirs!

N 7%
P2O5 4%
K2O 5%
Fe 0.05%
Mn 0.01%
Cu 0.005%
Zn 0.006%
B 0.01%
Mo 0.002%
Dózis 4-5 l/ha
Lombkezelés 100-200 ml/10 l
Beöntözés 20 ml/10 l víz

Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)