The plant protection technology of corn enables few and short term possibilities of application. Therefore we developed a product that can simultaneously ensure quick and dynamic development, and what is more important it improves cob differentiation.

FitoHorm Corn Plus contains nitrogen that is necessary for dynamic development, contains sulphur that is necessary for nitrogen utilisation, furthermore zinc and copper necessary for cob differentiation. Copper improves water balance at the same time, boron and molybdenum play an important role in pollen yield and in keeping the pistils wet and developing longer impregnation period. Iron and manganese ensure the basis for dynamic development facilitated by the efficient operation of photosynthesis. FitoHorm Corn plus can ensure that the purchased hybrids with high yield potential can demonstrate their real potential.

The dosage of FitoHorm Corn Plus is 5 litre/ha, the treatments can be repeated several times during the growing period!


Corn: 5 l/ha
Sweet corn: 4-5 l/ha

Storage: May be stored for an unlimited period in its original, sealed packaging, in a cool (but frost-free), protected, dry place. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.


Please observe the basic rules of spraying when applying the product as foliar fertilizer
FitoHorm Corn Plus may be applied jointly with plant protection products, but we recommend checking compatibility before mixing with other products.
Take care to prevent the product from spilling or dripping. Avoid contact with skin and eyes (undiluted product) or accidental swallowing.
After contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Do not dispose of the product or its packaging into rivers, lakes or water reservoirs.


N 19%
SO3 5%
Fe 0.15%
Mn 0.06%
Cu 0.006%
Zn 1.9%
B 0.013%
Mo 0.003%
Dózis 4-5 l/ha


Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)