Polyboron 140 is a special liquid formulation with great efficacy. With its usage it is possible to utilise 140g/l boron content entirely that can be found in the product.

Boron stimulates generative processes and the development and stemming of pollen tubes, enhances the stability of the cell wall, thus it is absolutely essential in the life of the plants. If this product is not used, fructification decreases and binding is hindered. As an essential micro element, its presence is of vital importance concerning all cultures especially grape and fruit cultures, oil plants and certain vegetables.
It is important to know that boron is mostly utilised through the leaves in organic binding. The intake of boron is the most intensive at the beginning of vegetation.

EC fertilizer
Complex agent: MEA

In case of plants lacking boron it can be applied primarily as a foliar spray based on the plant analysis or at the time of noticing deficiency symptoms in order to prevent, cure the deficiency diseases and to supply nutrients.
Crop Dosage Utilisation
Sugar beet 2-4 l/ha From 4-6 leaf phase until the end of August
Sunflower 2-4 l/ha In 3-4 leaf phase, for one week before blooming
Oil-seed rape 3-5 l/ha From stemming until blooming
Grape 1-2 l/ha In 3 leaf phase, for one week before blooming
Orchard 1-2 l/ha In every 2nd-3rd week, repeat 2-3 times
Water melon, cucumber 1-2 l/ha In every 2nd-3rd week, repeat 3 times
Poppy seed, tobacco 2-3 l/ha for crop treatment
Green pepper, tomato 1-2 l/ha for crop treatment
Seedpods 2-3 l/ha for crop treatment

Water quantity, concentration

– In case crop field and handheld sprayers
Sugar beet, sunflower, rape maximum 1 %.
Grape, apple, melon maximum 0.3-0.5 %.
– In case of air sprayers: in a water quantity of 50-80 l/ha the above dosages can be applied
Storage:  Its quality can be preserved for an indefinite time in its original, sealed packaging, separately stored from food, drink and feeds in a dry, protected, cool – it is frost tolerant down to -10 Celsius – place.

The basic rules of spraying shall be followed as well in case of foliar fertilizing.
It can be applied in combination with other pesticides, but prior to mixing the agents it is recommended to examine whether the agents can be mixed.
With careful use, the leakage and dripping of the agent and contact with eyes and skin should be avoided. Do not swallow the product!
In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Do not dispose the product and its packaging into rivers, lakes and water reservoirs!

The products indicated with a * can be also used in ecological farming.

The cubic capacity of the cap that can be found on the 1 lire packaging is exactly 20 ml. A smaller dose should be used for the conditioning of the plants, a larger dose should be used in case of moderate depravation or nutrient deficiency.

B 14%
Dózis 2-3 l/ha
Lombkezelés 40-60 ml/10 l víz
Beöntözés 10 ml/10 l víz

Material of Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)